The Art

Illustrated awe. 
To nudge us — me, you, the world — toward appreciating the magnificence of what is already here. To slow, to ponder, to realize.

Sometimes I create beautiful landscapes because beauty is always enough on its own. Other times, I create to share my perspective of a place — to offer you a portal by which you might reconsider your associations with space, and it’s sibling, time.

Some of what I consider my best works are compilations of cartography, history, and imagined aerial perspectives, through my typical mediums of pen and watercolor. This world has changed immeasurably, and continues to be shaped by humans in extraordinary ways. Pondering questions of “what was before”, “what is now”, and “what might be possible” are powerful ways to relate to a place and understand ourselves, which might just nudge some needles on our warming world.

The Artist

Raised among blackberry brambles and soaring doug firs in the southern reaches of the Salish Sea, I grew an early appreciation for the paces of the earth. Local backpacking trips with my family prompted routine doses of awe. 

I’ve always drawn — inspired and encouraged by family and friends — and am now on a path of practicing my craft with more seriousness of intention. 

When not creating (or partaking in the many tasks of small business-ship), find me exploring by bicycle, or by tandem with my partner. 

Home is now Berkeley, California — reach out if you’re nearby!